Spectral images of over a million stars in the Milky Way are being captured with the help of powerful new spectrographs.
KiwiStar Optics Research Technician Graeme Jonas inspects a truncated spherical mirror for the SALT High Resolution Spectrograph.
KiwiStar Optics, Optical Workshop Manager´╗┐ Dave Cochrane inspects the surface of a 686 mm diameter corrector lens during manufacture.
HERMES Collimator mirror mount 
HERMES Camera lenses before assembly
Inside the KiwiSpec Model R4-100 showing the Echelle grating and the collimator mirrors
With the use of time-lapse photography, stars appear to circle the Earth’s axis of rotation projected on the sky. Image courtesy of the Australian Astronomical Observatory.
Doublet bonding

Customised Precision Optics for Astronomy

KiwiStar Optics offers a full range of precision optical development services including:

  • Pre-design consultancy
  • Optical and opto-mechanical sub-system design
  • Prototype production
  • Small run manufacture
  • Ongoing support

Our team draws on its own highly skilled and experienced staff, Callaghan Innovation’s precision mechanical workshop, and the advanced metrology capability of New Zealand’s Measurement Standards Laboratory, which are all co-located on the same research campus. KiwiStar Optics also enjoys a close relationship with the Physics and Astronomy Department at Canterbury University in Christchurch, New Zealand. We manufacture optical components from a large range of optical glass types and various metals.


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