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We have proudly commenced the 4MOST Optical Lens Fabrication Wide Field Corrector and Atmospheric Dispersion Corrector project.
This project summarises the capability we have in our team covering development, design, analysis, procurement, fabrication of 6 lenses including 1 aspheric…
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Adding a Chicago Red Camera
In 2017 KiwiStar Optics successfully delivered and installed the KiwiSpec R4-100 spectrograph. This Spectrograph forms the core of MAROON-X, a high-precision radial velocity instrument for the 8m Gemini Telescope on Mauna Kea (Hawai’i) currently under development at the University of…
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Over the MOON
As a team we are over the moon about winning the design, manufacture and delivery of two collimator mirrors that form part of the spectrograph sub-systems for the Multi-Objects Optical and Near-infrared Spectrograph (MOONS) for the Very Large Telescope (VLT).
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Working again with the Indian Institute of Astrophysics
We have recently commenced the procuring, polishing and testing of a reference sphere for the Thirty Meter Telescope project. IIA will use the reference sphere for in-situ measurement of the surface shape of the primary mirror segments during their Segment...
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KiwiStar Cameras for VISTA telescope in Chile
KiwiStar Optics wins major contract to build three high resolution spectrograph cameras for the VISTA telescope in Chile.
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KiwiStar Weaves Large Lenses for the William Herschel Telescope
KiwiStar Optics soon to deliver the 6-element Prime Focus Corrector optical components for the new WEAVE multi-object William Herschel Telescope survey spectrograph, located at La Palma, Canary Islands.
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Kiwi Optics for Aussie Telescope
New Zealand’s place in the global astronomy family has become further established with a multi-million dollar contract to produce precision optical components for Australia’s largest telescope, the 3.9m Anglo-Australian Telescope (AAT) at the Siding Spring Observatory in New South Wales.
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NZ astronomers help discover new solar system
New Zealand astronomers have found a new solar system - a scaled-down version of our own - among distant stars in the Milky Way.
A total of 69 scientists in 11 countries provided data and contributed to the discovery, including Paul Tristram at Canterbury's Mt John Observatory...
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