Sandra Ramsay

Sandra Ramsay (Bachelor of Science, Masters of Business Administration) 
Sandra Ramsay is the Manager of KiwiStar Optics.  She is responsible for the overall strategy, all finance, human resourcing, legal, property, procurement, information technology and brand development. Sandra is an Austrian national, multi-lingual with experience working in both the public and private sector including the United Nations.    

Malcolm Young

Malcolm Young (Bachelor of Commerce and Administration).
Malcolm Young is our Business Development Manager.  Malcolm has a strong international commercial management background.   Malcolm will be responsible for sales and marketing, contract negotiation and customer management.  

Eleanor Howick

Eleanor Howick (Masters of Science – Physics).
Eleanor is the Chief Metrologist for the Measurements and Standards Laboratory.  Extensive experience in advanced precision measurements including coordinate measurement and other advanced metrology measurements including precision photometric and optical measurements.

Dave Cochrane

Dave Cochrane (New Zealand Certificate of Science – Physics)
Dave Cochrane is our Principal Optical Manufacturing Technician and a Master Optician. He has over 40 years of experience in all aspects of the optical manufacturing, optical coatings and opto-mechanical production and assemblies. As Team Leader, Optical Manufacturing, he is responsible for the delivery of numerous international astronomical projects.  Special expertise in manufacture of large precision optical components.  

Chris Young

Chris Young (Bachelor of Science Tech Hons) 
Chris is a research scientist and has been with the Measurements Standards Laboratory for 11 years.  His capabilities lie in dimensional metrology, traceable measurement science and length calibration. Chris specialises in 3-dimensional coordinate metrology, particularly experienced in acceptance of testing mechanical components and has in depth knowledge of coordinate measuring machines (3 axis CMM PM866) and their uses in assembling large optical systems.   

Ann Manning

Ann Manning (Honours degree in Biochemistry).
Ann is our team coordinator and assists us on multiple areas in the team. Her administrative skill supports resourcing, budgeting and operational planning. 

Abe Romeril

Abe Romeril (National Certificate – Mechanics)

Optical Technician
Abe Romeril has significant experience in manufacturing and testing optical components and fabricating glass components for various optical systems.