Adding a Red Camera

In 2017 KiwiStar Optics successfully delivered and installed the KiwiSpec R4-100 spectrograph. This Spectrograph forms the core of MAROON-X, a high-precision radial velocity instrument for the 8m Gemini Telescope on Mauna Kea (Hawai’i) currently under development at the University of Chicago. We are now adding to this instrument by designing and manufacturing a red camera. This camera will further enhance the capability of the instrument, extending the spectral range. A returning customer is further verification that we deliver quality and provide reliability.

An article in the Gemini Focus January 2018 edition comments on the KiwiSpec and states the ‘delivered optics exceed the best case expectations over most of the bandpass of the blue arm and lend confidence in achieving similar efficiencies in the red arm, currently under construction at KiwiStar Optics.”

Read more of the Gemini Observatory article here on page 20.