KiwiStar Cameras for VISTA telescope in Chile

Vista Telescope in Chile

KiwiStar Optics wins major contract to build three high resolution spectrograph cameras for the VISTA telescope in Chile.

Professor John Hearnshaw, Astronomer, University of Canterbury, congratulates KiwiStar Optics on its continuing success. He noted that "KiwiStar is achieving world-wide recognition for innovation and excellence in astronomical optics, winning contracts at many of the world's leading observatories. To do so for the 4MOST instrument at Europe's VISTA telescope in Chile is especially noteworthy, as European optics firms always have priority. VISTA will be conducting a huge spectroscopic survey of many millions of objects in the southern sky starting in 2021; it is amazing to know that New Zealand will play a crucial role in the future success of the VISTA 4MOST survey, thanks to KiwiStar."