KiwiStar Weaves Large Lenses for the William Herschel Telescope

William Herschel Telescope

KiwiStar Optics soon to deliver the 6-element Prime Focus Corrector optical components for the new WEAVE multi-object William Herschel Telescope survey spectrograph, located at La Palma, Canary Islands.
The Kiwi Star Optics Team is proud to be near the end of the successful multi-year project to manufacture optical components for WEAVE. 
Professor Gavin Dalton, Astrophysics, Oxford University endorsed KiwiStar Optics’ expertise, noting that “Kiwistar Optics were successful in winning the bid to manufacture the 6 lenses for this corrector, including, at 1.1m, what is possibly the largest lens in astronomy, together with 4 wedged elements for atmospheric dispersion correction and two aspheres. While this work is in progress, I am happy to disclose that everything is currently within specification, and I have every confidence that the full set of lenses will be on schedule and within specification”.