Products & Services

We bring together on one site all the optical, quality assurance and engineering expertise and equipment you need.

Our specialists in astronomical precision optics have repeatedly demonstrated that they are among the very best in the world.

We design and supply optical assemblies up to 1.8m in diameter. We integrate optical elements with their mechanical housings, and align and test these ensuring the assembly meets the customer’s performance specification.

We recently developed our latest range of fibre-fed, high resolution echelle spectrographs for 1-4m sized telescopes. With wavelength coverage of 350-1000nm, resolving powers of 30-100k and a compact design, KiwiSpec model R4-100, is designed with precision radial velocity measurements in mind.

We focus on civilian astronomical projects, but have also successfully completed work in instrumentation, Defence and surveillance.

Our facilities include:

Measurement Standards Laboratory of New Zealand – our metrology laboratory is the nation’s official measurement standards body. It is the source of internationally accepted traceable measurements. Our metrologists bring expert quality assurance to your project at every stage.

ProtoShop – our workshop makes mechanical housings, mountings and tooling for tightly-toleranced optical systems. Our engineers have decades of experience with specialised scientific equipment and instrumentation.

We love a challenge. We expect to evolve and invent with you. We know that great results depend on great communication, every step of the way.

We offer:

  • Pre-design consultancy
  • Optical instrumentation
  • Customised manufacture
  • Support and servicing
  • Optical and optomechanical design and analysis
  • Prototype production
  • Installation and commissioning

We have chosen a very hands-on approach … but have benefitted greatly from KiwiStar Optics’ capabilities to provide design trade-off studies based on our high-level requirements.