Professor John Hearnshaw

Astronomical Consultant

Over 40 years of experience in astronomy and working internationally with specific scientific interests in astronomical spectrographs, stellar spectroscopy, binary stars, detection of extrasolar planets, variable stars and the history of astrophysics. John is respected worldwide for his expertise and brings significant experience in the management and operation of an observatory.
1976 – 2008 Director, Mt John University Observatory
1976 – 1979 Lecturer in Astronomy, University of Canterbury
1979 – 2014 Professor in Astronomy, University of Canterbury
2017 awarded Member, New Zealand Order of Merit


  1. “Astronomical spectrographs and their history”, Cambridge University Press, ISBN-13: 97805251882576 (2009)
  2. “Cosmic Essays” to mark the International Year of Astronomy, University of Canterbury (2009)
  3. John has authored numerous refereed papers, many articles and 6 books (at last count) on the topics of stellar astrophysics, astronomical instruments, extrasolar planets, variable and binary stars, the history of astrophysics and astronomy in developing countries