Meet our staff

Our Staff
Back row: Dave Cochrane, Tony Reed, Jody Hughes, Hok Ung, Graeme Jonas, Dale Randall, Chris Young, Mahindra Bhikharidas, Jimi Romeril, Ann Manning and Peter Bates.
Front row: Malcolm Young, Abe Romeril, Lucy Forde (MSL), Eleanor Howick (MSL), Sandra Ramsay and John Gallagher.
Dijana Bogunovic
Jeff Brown



Team Leader Optical Manufacturing

New Zealand Certificate of Science – Physics

Dave Cochrane is our Principal Optical Manufacturing Technician and a Master Optician. He has over 40 years of experience in all aspects of the optical manufacturing, optical coatings and opto-…

Business Development Manager

Bachelor of Commerce and Administration

Malcolm Young is our Business Development Manager. Malcolm has a strong international commercial management background. Malcolm will be responsible for sales and marketing, contract negotiation…

Team Coordinator

Jody assists us on multiple areas in the team. Her administrative skill supports resourcing, budgeting, marketing and operational planning.

Project Lead Opto-Mechanical

Bachelor of Engineering Technology, Diploma Mechanical Engineering

Jin majored in Electronic Engineering, and Numerical Control Technique and Application. He has many years’ experience designing high precision optical lenses for marine navigational lights. Jin…

Optical Engineer

Masters in Optics, PhD in Physics

Dijana achieved her PhD in Physics by working on tunable waveguide Bragg gratings in electro-optic polymer thin films. She worked on assembly and testing of optical components for MAROON-X and…

Optical Technician

National Certificate – Mechanics

Abe has significant experience in manufacturing and testing optical components and fabricating glass components for various optical systems. Abe has worked on numerous large internal projects.

Optical Technician

James has over 15 years of experience manufacturing, testing and assembling world class optical components for navigation, astronomy, military and healthcare. He has expertise in hand crafted one-…

Senior Opto-Mechanical Technician

Tony has over 30 years of experience in control system design and build, mechanical design, manufacture and assemblies, system interfacing, remote (off-site) assemblies and installations and…

Senior Optical Technician

Graeme has been with KiwiStar for 17 years. He has over 30 years’ experience in the fabrication, testing and alignment of precision optics, including on-axis and off-axis aspherics. While at…

Opto-Mechanical Technician

Jeff has 40 years of experience producing precision optics. This includes 7 years with Sola Optical, 26 years with BAe Systems Australia working on complex military projects including 12 years as…

Optical Technician

Mahindra has worked in the ophthalmic industry for 25 years, providing the highest quality prescription spectacle lenses to Independent Optometrists throughout New Zealand. He has also facilitated…

Senior Engineering Technician

New Zealand Certificate of Engineering - Mechanical

Hok and his team of engineers have extensive experience in advanced engineering design and precision manufacturing utilising Callaghan Innovation’s on-site engineering facility.

Optical Technician

Karl has been with Callaghan Innovation since 2009. A qualified toolmaker and engineering technologist. Karl has vast knowledge of mechanical design, Solidworks, CNC operations, CAD caming etc.…

Meet our Consultants

Astronomical Consultant


Over 40 years of experience in astronomy and working internationally with specific scientific interests in astronomical spectrographs, stellar spectroscopy, binary stars, detection of extrasolar…

Optical Consultant


Andrew is an optical specialist with international expertise in optical design, metrology, tolerancing, aberration theory, alignment, telescopes from Industrial Research Ltd (the precursor to…

Engineering Consultant

BSc – Physics, BE, MS

Peter has been with KiwiStar Optics for 17 years, working in a variety of technical and senior management roles. With a background in physics and engineering, he has contributed to many successful…

Measurement Standards Laboratory

Chief Metrologist

Masters of Science – Physics

Eleanor is the Chief Metrologist for the Measurements and Standards Laboratory. Extensive experience in advanced precision measurements including coordinate measurement and other advanced…

Research Scientist

Bachelor of Science Tech Hons

Chris has been with the Measurements Standards Laboratory for 11 years. His capabilities lie in dimensional metrology, traceable measurement science and length calibration. Chris specializes in 3-…

kanDO Innovation

Principal Design Engineer

BE (Mech)

A founding employee at kanDO, George is a SolidWorks specialist and design detailer. Prior to kanDO, George worked for Industrial Research (now Callaghan Innovation) where he was a key contributor…

Principal Research Engineer

PhD, MSc Physics & EE, BSc

Another founding employee at kanDO, Shaun is a robotics and control specialist. Shaun has been involved in many KiwiStar projects, most notably on the design of the software for the control and…


NZCE (Mech)

As one of kanDO’s directors, Keith brings over 25 years’ experience in mechanical design and automation covering a wide range of industries. Keith is driven to deliver innovative solutions that…